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  • Crunchy Vanilla Buckwheat (Kuttu) Flakes
  • Replace your typical breakfast cereal and and kickstart your mornings with our crunchy, easy to love, no-corn vanilla flakes with the goodness of buckwheat, loaded with fibre and rich in plant protein.
  • Why choose Vanilla Buckwheat flakes?
  • They have 2.4x protein and 2.9x fiber in comparison to other whole wheat/cornflakes
  • They have 30% fewer carbs and 40% less sugar in comparison to other whole wheat/cornflakes
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives make it a big hit amongst the masses.
  • Supergrains such as millet naturally improve how your body draws nourishment from food. This makes you feel fitter, lighter, and more energetic. It is great for better gut health & to regulate blood sugar.
  • Millets are sustainable grains that need less water to grow than rice or wheat. It grows without any chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.

Vanilla Buckwheat Millet Flakes

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