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About Us

Our Story

Over the past two years, our millet startup has embarked on an enriching journey. Starting with a small retail outlet, we now have two retail millet outlets & one exclusive millet cafe catering to the rising demand for healthy food options. We've tailored our business model to offer a holistic solution, providing high-quality products, diverse delicacies, and expert diet consultations all in one place.


Our dedication to empowering local communities and promoting sustainable agriculture has led us to partner with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and local entrepreneurs. Together, we support economic growth by providing a platform (our retail outlet) where they can showcase and sell their products.


Taking our commitment a step further, we've established a unique collaboration with FPOs, sourcing millet grains directly from them to create standardized, quality products for them. This creates additional income for FPOs while ensuring reliable products for their consumers, thereby fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Delivering from Fields to Table,  One Day at a Time

We Take Sustainability Seriously

Supporting FPOs

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